Aesthetic and compact cabinet for telecom connections that eliminates telecom pedestals on private lots

Super strong enclosure in aluminum of thickness 1

4 in. (6 mm)

Retrofit-type installation which minimizes civil works costs

Form that minimizes the footprint on the sidewalk and maximizes usability to technical staff

Stainless steel base mounted on shock absorbers offering impact protection at all levels


The Elio pedestal is a product specially adapted to fit limited spaces in dense urban areas. Its sophisticated shape is ideal for a good visual integration. The Elio has been originally designed to receive connection devices for the telecommunication networks, but its good volume can welcome connection devices for energy network. Furthermore, its volume offers a large and ergonomic access for any intervention from the technical staff. Designed to be installed around a new or an existing lamppost, it will minimize the costs at all levels.

The quality of design and material making up this product makes it particularly sustainable in an urban context. Built from ¼ in. (6mm) thick aluminum and mounted on a shock absorber system, this cabinet will withstand minor impacts form vehicles without being damaged. All this makes the Elio an innovative, tough, esthetic and very functional product.

  1. Retrofit installation around new or existing lamppost
  2. Sealing rubber around lamppost
  3. Oblong shape and curved top for a perfect aesthetic integration
  4. Painted aluminum 6 mm (1/4 inch) thick (wide choice of color)
  5. Cable and optical fibre connection equipment ready for installation of cast
  6. Lamppost components easy to reach
  7. Double lockable door allowing optimal access to all internal equipment
  8. Stainless steel base and anchoring system with shock absorbers for ultimate protection
  9. Air vents that maximize airflow within the cabinet to avoid overheating
  • Height

    43 in. (110 cm)
    30½ in. (77.5 cm) at the end of the curve

  • Length

    31 in. (78 cm)

  • Width

    13 in. (33 cm)

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