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We are seeking a partner in your area


In this case, we have an exciting proposition for you. We seek a partner interested in becoming a local supplier in various areas, especially in Ontario or British Columbia.

Offer the latest technology for power and telecom infrastructures to your clients

Developed, tested, normalized, and commercialized since 2005, the MCM concepts have proven their value as top-quality products for technical networks. Thousands are in service in dozens of municipalities in Eastern Canada. Now, you can make your clients benefit from this technology as a licensed supplier and sell it under your brand name, saving years of development.

Get easy-to-assemble products designed to be easily stacked in parts and efficiently shipped for local assembly

We ship you all the parts free of charge, include the required hardware, and provide the manuals and training to assemble the products as part of your free license. Your obligations are limited to buying the parts from us. Since our products carry intellectual property, you will pay a small royalty on your sales. We support your efforts and help you succeed in your present and future markets.

We will provide marketing support based on our experience of over 20 years in the design and fabrication of normalized enclosures

Since our lines of products may somehow differ from what is presently available in your area, we will help you adapt the products to your market, which may have different standards. For example, personalized wraps are also available for some of our products. We suggest starting with one or two products and going from there as your markets open.


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