Small and compact circular cabinet allowing to conceal wireless telecom systems

Economical solution and public works costs minimization due to a retrofit-type installation

Aesthetic cabinet with a wide choice of colors and finishes and optional resting bar

Compatible with a round bus shelter concept (by others)

Ideal for intelligent transit system and other communication options


The Urbase is a small, aesthetic, and compact cabinet that can be fitted easily around the base of a new or existing lamppost. The retrofit-type installation reduces considerably the costs of public works. This cabinet can hide components such as control relays and wireless communications modules. Easily open by authorized personnel, the internal components are very accessible, thanks to its three sections each covering 120 degrees. An optional resting bar on top is offered, on which the citizens can lean. A variety of colors and finishes, one or two tones, ensure an optimal integration of this small and functional enclosure.

With its cast aluminum bumper, the Urbase can resist the urban conditions and it can be harmonized with the other MCM products. Please not that its available internal volume depends upon the diameter of pole around which it is installed. By informing MCM about the diameter of the pole and the size of the components you wish to hide in the Urbase, we shall be able to help you to validate if it’s an interesting option for your application.

  1. New or existing lamppost (not included)
  2. Removable and lockable bolt cap
  3. Accessible locks
  4. Resting bar (optional)
  5. Wireless module with antennas connections *
  6. Bracket to install other optional equipment
  7. 1/8 in (3mm) aluminum
  8. Existing lamppost base
  9. Standard cast aluminum bumper
  10. *Optional equipment approved for outside installation.
  • Height

    37½ in. (95 cm)
    Including bolt cover.

  • Diameter

    18 in. (46 cm)
    25 in. (64 cm) with bumper

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