Integrates the required power infrastructure to feed equipment in public areas (lampposts, kiosks, stages)

Replacing temporary installations for events power connection

ROI : fast return on investment (approx. 36 months)

Safe, aesthetical, and compact

Configured exactly for your needs


The Maestro is an elongated retrofit-type or freestanding cabinet. It can be delivered with various equipment such as:

  • Circuit breakers for up to 20 kiosks (120V); and/or
  • Stage connections (100A, 120/240V); and/or
  • Several electrical outlets 120V or 240V, 15A to 50A; and/or
  • Electrical entrance of 100A or 200A, 120/240V or 347/600V; and/or
  • Wi-Fi network, up to 250 users; and/or
  • Complete protection system against ground fault.

The Maestro is designed to be installed around a lamppost of any diameter (see different installation types), but it can also be freestanding, if a lamppost is neither present nor required. The installation can be done on a concrete slab or on any adequate foundation. A wide range of finishes is available for optimal integration of the cabinet in its environment.

  1. New or existing lamppost (not included)
  2. The meter is visible even when the cabinet is closed
  3. Wi-Fi modules and antennas connections *
  4. Electrical outlets *
  5. Electrical entrance or stage power supply for Camlock** type connectors *
  6. Existing concrete lamppost base
  7. New conduits in new base (by others)
  8. New concrete base section (by others)
  9. Lockable doors (even when external wires are connected to the cabinet)
  10. Standard cast aluminum bumper
  11. * Optional Equipment approved for outside installation.
  12. ** Camlock is a trade mark of Cooper Industries
  • Height

    140 cm (55 in.)
    Including bolt cap.

  • Length

    130 cm (51 in.)
    113 cm (44½ in.) without bumper

  • Width

    46 cm (18 in.)
    64 cm (25 in.) with bumper

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