Elegant and durable aluminum enclosure with a choice of finishes, and automatic cable recall system

Level 2 charging compatible with most electric vehicles currently on the market

Minimizes the footprint on the sidewalk while maximizing the usability for the users

Two systems per blade, each system providing up to 30 amps at 240 volts AC (7,2 kW output)

Easy installation on a regular concrete base or anchored directly on sidewalk.


The EVera is a level 2 (240V) charging station which allows for the simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles and is suitable for public and private parking or along streets and sidewalks. The charging cables are protected from snow and vandalism by the enclosure, while the rewinding pulleys prevent knots, making this product instinctive and easy to use. A reliable cable management system based on gravity and simple and safe gun storage and locking system make the EVera an ideal solution for your needs.

  1. Distinctive signage for more visibility
  2. Fixed pulley for automatic cable rewind system
  3. Two level 2 mini-chargers with status indicator
  4. Service door access with window
  5. Charching cables able toreach at up to 12 feet
  6. Charging connector, providing up to 30 amps continuous at 240 volts AC (7,2 kW output)
  7. Holster for charging connector
  8. Moving pulley for cable rewind system
  9. Easily installed on a regular lamppost concrete base
  • Lenght

    106 in. (270 cm)
    115 in. (292 cm) with light fixture

  • Width

    15¾ in. (40 cm)

  • Thickness

    7¼ in. (18.5 cm)

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