Integrates the required power infrastructure to feed equipment in public areas (lampposts, kiosks, stages)

Replacing temporary installations for events power connection

ROI : fast return on investment (approx. 36 months)

Safe, aesthetical, and compact

Configured exactly for your needs


The Centro Retrofit is visually very similar to the Centro. However, this is a retrofit-type pedestal, so its retrofit installation allows for minimizing costs at every level. This pedestal is designed to be installed around a 6 in. (150 mm) diameter lamppost (see different installation types). A wide range of finishes is available for optimal integration of the pedestal in its environment. This cabinet can be delivered with various equipment such as:

  • Several electrical outlets 120V or 240V, 15A to 50A; and/or
  • Wi-Fi network, up to 250 users.

  1. New conduits
  2. Existing concrete lamppost base
  3. Existing lamppost conduits
  4. Wi-Fi modules and antennas connections *
  5. Electrical outlets *
  6. Standard cast aluminum bumper
  7. New or existing lamppost (not included)
  8. Lockable doors (even when external wires are connected to the cabinet)
  9. *Optional equipment approved for outside installation.
  • Hauteur

    140 cm (55 po.)
    Incluant le cache-boulons.

  • Diamètre

    46 cm (18 po.)
    64 cm (25 po.) avec pare-chocs

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