MCM Intégration at Movin’On 2018

MCM Intégration at Movin’On 2018

Organized by Michelin, Movin’On 2018 is the summit of sustainable mobility everyone is talking about. An event showcasing some of the most influential players of the industry. As expected, MCM Integration will be a part of this year’s edition. Focusing on bringing global, smart, sustainable and multimodal mobility to life, Movin’On is calling upon all of us to rise to the challenge of providing a cleaner future. We intend to respond to that call by presenting our Beta 30, a level 2 charging station. To all those driving an electric vehicle -or thinking about it- we have solutions for all charging needs. Whether privately or commercially we will soon have to face the change upon us. Come meet us to discuss joining forces to offer this sustainable future we all wish for.

For a secon consecutive year, we will be on site to offer charging solutions for electrical vehicules. Located on both sites of the event, we will provide two types of installations: One is designed to meet the integration needs of all urbain furniture and is presented as a station where the chargers are integrated and the cables are managed internally whitch allow for a greater life expectancy; the other, more modest, simply puts the chargers at disposition of the users using a mural installation reflecting what would be done at home.

Movin’On is the perfect platform to discover the universe of sustainable mobility or, for the more knowledgeable of us, to deepen our understanding of the challenge to come.

Join us at the Arsenal (2020 William st, Montreal) to push back the limits of a sustainable mobility from the 30th of May to 1st of June 2018.

MCM Intégration at Movin'On
Movin’On 2018-2